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7/16/2018 7:42:45 AM

odd loading and annoying sound cut

So I looked this up a bit and found a PS4 user that had the same problem, but I'm on PC. I've also encountered another used on discord with the same issues. I've been dealing with this problem for a while, but some new info has got me curious. Game has run fine before, on the PC having the issues. When I play the game, every once and a while the in game sounds gets very quiet and muffled. While this is happening all dialogue cuts out completely. If I go to inventory, all items will show loading symbol. If I'm in a vendor area, all icons are just a green diamond with no symbols, and I cannot view any vendor items. If I am exploring a planet, I will get stuck loading as I move between regions on the planet. After about 15-30 seconds, it will catch up. When it catches up, I have an explosion of sound because every dialogue, grenade, rocket, and engram noise that I lost in the last 15-30 seconds will play at once. Multiple dialogue speakers at the same time stacked with all those other sounds. For a while I thought this was some sort of network thing, and the game is still playable. Having encountered another PC user with this issue, I just figured it would eventually be sorted out in updates. Recently I got a laptop to play on while I travel though. Playing on the laptop yesterday I realized it was not having the same issue. I'm immediately thinking it could be either a network adapter on the PC having the problem, an SSD issue, or some setting or corrupted file? The computers were operating on the same home network; one with the issue and one without. I've done all the usual trouble shooting except trying a complete uninstall/reinstall of Destiny. I'll do it if I have too, but wanted to check on here first since my data cap for the month is 500GB. Anyone know how to resolve this?

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