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Bummed About Moments of Triumph

I totaled everything up and you can’t get to 400 points without extensive amounts of Crucible play. This is a bummer because I don’t like crucible; it’s joyless and unrewarding. To understand why, I reflected on my time in Destiny 1 and why I played PvP. I have never enjoyed PvP in any game, but I did play it in D1. Here’s why: Grimoire, Weapons, Light Level and Iron Banner. I tried maxing out my Grimoire in D1 because it qualified my status as a Destiny player. Crucible weapons were good enough to warrant playing. Light Level mattered in Iron Banner and Iron Banner offered rewards to get to max light. The first time I ever played PvP was IB to hit level 30. When I was level 30, I felt like a god. Iron Banner was worth playing because the armor looked good, the emblems were cool and the weapons were OP. Crucible in D1 was stomach-able for me because I could be effective as a solo player. I sucked at crucible, but in grinding for Grimoire, I improved from a 0.3 K/D to a 1.0. Big whoop, I know, but I did that. My “skill” got me there; team shooting wasn’t it; I solo queued and worked at it. My K/D was a reflection of ACTUAL effort, not this kill / death / average / damage / effectiveness / support / help / participation trophy crap that literally tells me nothing. The removal of everything as listed above, is why I don’t touch crucible. I really want to get all of my Moments Triumph, but am not willing to part with that much of my soul in engaging in something I hate.

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