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7/9/2018 3:24:45 PM

Idea: Destiny Space Shooter Mobile Game

Okay, so here's what I'm thinking. A space shooter for mobile devices that's set in the Destiny universe. It features well-known Jumpships from Destiny 1 and 2. Examples being: * Arcadia Class Jumpship * Valkyrie-O5X * Destiny 1 Raid Ships * Destiny 2 Exotic Ships * Ceres Galliot * Vienna Singer * Waning Star * God's Will My idea is that by linking their Bungie account to the game, players would automatically unlock the ships that they had already obtained on Destiny 1 and 2. For example, by obtaining the Nanophoenix in Destiny 1 and then linking your account, you'd automatically unlock the Nanophoenix in the mobile game too. As an additional feature, unlocking a ship in this game would also unlock it in Destiny 2, thereby allowing players to get to use the Nanophoenix there as well. Exclusive ships could also be unlockable via the mobile game too, like "God's Will", the ship that Calus gave to Jarus, his Ace-Defiant, in the Lore. Players could also use the mobile game to earn Tokens and Engrams for Destiny 2 as well, just an added incentive to continue playing while not at home.

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