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6/28/2018 3:47:14 PM

FeedBack on Trials (Let me hear your thoughts!)

Now this is coming from a guy who is ok it trials 0.71 kd. I wanted to ask bungie to look at some comments. The instance that I have noticed with trials is that, at least when I played, I kept getting matched against the same people. This leads me to believe that very few people in destiny currently play trials, or have even tried it. What I think that should happen is there needs to be a way to bring people into it. I just started to get back into trials after finding a team to do it with because many of my friends do not want to play because there is not really any rewards you can get from it for just playing. In my mind, I feel like the bounty system should come back, and give rewards for different goals such as x number of kills or x number of matches completed. These bounties do not need to give trials gear, but maybe powerful legendary gear that can be earned from other activities. So the bounties would act as a weekly milestone. Bounties could occur daily like it did on D1, and maybe give powerful gear each day (This would make me play everyday!) This would give an incentive to players who may not be so good at trials to take part, and get better. The trials gear should be saved for wins of course just like how it is now, or turning in tokens to the vendor to get old trials gear. I like how that system works. Makes me have to get better. I was just thinking on how to keep players playing it each week, and encourage them to get better to go for the wins. Just thoughts, let me know if you guys have any feedback.

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