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Изменено (Ocean_Jedi): 6/28/2018 2:54:10 PM

Will Forsaken Be About Our Guardian, or Our Ghost?

Is our Guardian going to speak even a little bit in the Forsaken campaign? For the longest time, our Guardian has been fundamentally nothing more than a carrier of loot and progression. We don’t know anything about his/her past, personality, thoughts, and emotions aside from emotive body language awkwardly jammed into various cutscenes. How many times has he/she and the Ghost looked at each other for a second, then back at some door or other character in a cutscene? Our Guardian is thus not a complete or even legitimate character for these reasons, and if he/she is going to be placed as a central and crucial component of Forsaken, then Bungie has a major issue to address. There is only so much that our Ghost can fill in. The Ghost is starting to talk less about himself and more about what our Guardian should be saying himself/herself in certain situations. For example, Bungie would probably write something like this: > Cayde-6: “Hey Guardian, you know, you’ve had my back through thick and thin—the Dreadnaught, Zavala’s wrist slaps, that Vex trap back on Nessus, all of it. You were the first person I thought of when Petra told me to bring my ‘right-hand man’, and if things get dicey in that prison, I know I can trust you with my life. And...thank you.” > Ghost: “Don’t mention it, Cayde. We’re happy to help!” Are other characters talking to us, or our Ghost now? We hardly interact with the universe or characters beyond what we’re told to do, and that’s only reinforced by the fact that we haven’t said a word [i]in almost four years[/i]. All we do is stand there and get talked at; we’re essentially the b[b]i[/b]tch of every non-enemy in the game, and we never get to see or hear anything that expresses our Guardian’s individual thoughts and emotions—only those of other characters. Our Guardian needs a spoken, expressive character so that we can be invested in him/her, and any story presented by Bungie in which he/she is a central figure. Forsaken will be about the connection between Cayde-6 and our Guardian, the impact his death has on them, how far people are willing to go for revenge, and (on Uldren’s part, most likely) the actions people are willing to commit for a loved one. I want to hear our Guardian yell Cayde’s name and scream in anger as Cayde lies dead in front of him/her, defy the Vanguard’s mandate for a diplomatic solution, bargain with Fallen to track down Uldren’s Barons, and for him/her to have a fight of words with Uldren before they draw their guns in a duel. Bungie needs to execute these things properly to have the impact they so direly need to keep players invested in the Destiny universe—and it’s a burden that our Guardian needs to carry. [spoiler]I guess you can say that Bungie has as many shots as Uldren to get the job done. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)[/spoiler]

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