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Destiny 2

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6/26/2018 5:46:26 PM

Am I The Only One..?

That just doesn't feel compelled to play this game anymore? I don't care about the Faction specific catalysts. I don't care about the Rally this week. I don't hate the new system but I don't feel it's worth my time to chase something that is ultimately meaningless in the game. I got the Graviton Lance catalyst last time and... Pretty sure I've played with the gun about two times since. Bungie has just failed to give players, or most of them, a reason to actually care and play. I don't care about an emblem to add to a collection. Or an aura that can give me an extra token. There's just no incentive to play the game anymore. Nothing to really chase or do. Nothing that isn't solely based around something cosmetic to want to flaunt to other players; most of whom don't care what emblem or shader you're using. The title was very rhetorical. I know I'm not the only one who feels this game is pointless to play. Hell, I went back into Destiny and committed more time to it in recent weeks than Destiny 2. At least there I could rock my favorite auto rifle with my favorite rocket launcher and still be able to use my Icebreaker. The game is just so bad and boring and bland. It should have started at "Taken King" level good but, now, it won't be that good until "Forsaken King" drops and you gotta spend another $40, minimum, to not only possibly enjoy the game but to even continue playing it as you'll be locked-out of most base content (yet again) after the DLC drops. I hope you sell Destiny, Bungie. I hope you sell it, get away from Activision, and actually return to making a game that isn't despised by the majority of your once-loyal fans. Or, y'know, just go under entirely if you can't pull your collective heads from your asses. I want to enjoy this game but you've already got plenty of my money, and others, to have made it that way.. And you didn't. I hope "Forsaken King" bombs hard on you and you have no choice but to sell this franchise. I hate to say that but I think it would just be for the better, ultimately, if Destiny and this on-going series of "give us more money if you want to continue playing even the stuff that was there at-launch" simply crashes, burns and dies. And that's my venting for the day.

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