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Destiny 2

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6/25/2018 6:22:07 AM

Quickplay is too competitive

Quickplay is supposed to be the mode that I play when I want to try out a funny loadout or a new weapon etc... But I have to win in quickplay or else I gain no XP. It's so easy for a team to build momentum in this games PVP. If you go in with a loadout that doesn't work and the other team starts to control power ammo... They start instakilling you over and over and then get their supers first which they use to control power ammo more. It goes from 'chill in quickplay and use different weapons' to 'I would switch back to my try hard loadout but it's too late'. It goes from what is supposed to be fun to painful and frustrating. If I had it my way Competitive would have Valors system where you get XP if you win but none if you lose rather than actually losing XP. This wouldn't be a problem because Destiny 2's competitive ranks aren't actually ranks and would make the grind feel a lot better and worth the time.

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