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You will never find a more wretched hive of Scum and Villiany (PvP Comp)

After many games and adrenaline pumping matches as a pvp player you get to meet a lot of gaurdians on the battlefield. and of course there is your catch of GG's and "kys" but all is well at the end of the day.......NOT Playing PvP Comp and being relatively good at it as remedied some unwanted messages of just utter garbage and toxicity, you wouldn't find this much toxic waste in a chemical plant. A good example was just today, not long ago, playing against a competitive player and streamer. After losing a first match and matching to him again (because, lets face it, we enjoy the ranks in competitive but with no skill based or rank based matchmaking it makes no sense) he talked like it was a good game the time he beat us but when we beat him now we are noobs, lesser human and just utter trash........ wat? Please get over yourselves, we are there to have fun like you no matter the skill, and i never got the oh yea GG we won though but if we lose then its because of this, and this, and this, and did i mention you were just trash? has anyone else come across this similar occurrence? what is the most toxic thing you been told in competitive? and why? why is there no skill based or rank based matchmaking!!!!! D:

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