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Изменено (LordNuker08): 6/14/2018 9:52:50 PM

Solo players who don't help in team shooting should just quit pvp

With the current state of PvP and Bungie philosophy well publicised, if solo players still don't get the concept of team shooting then it's an end game for them literally. I mean why is there always on player in a team who has to 'Rambo' off from rest of the group and end up being the shot by the other team giving them extra points? Unless u r a trial god don't bother with this strategy because it DOESN'T work. Simple rule, stick with your team and wait for that solo idiot from other team to show up and be team shot for easy points. Edit: This is an opinion and not a criticism so don't get triggered. I am just pointing out what I see in limited matches I've played. Happy to be corrected or enlightened.

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