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Destiny 2

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6/8/2018 6:59:46 PM

Year 2 shouldn't be free, but it also shouldn't be the same price of a new game

First off I highly disagree the content that Bungie shared with us should NOT be free, but why should I pay a price of a full new game when the content is basically what SHOULD have been with the Vanilla destiny 2 release. if the prices were 10 bucks for just forsaken, 20 bucks with the annual pass and maybe 40 for the deluxe version then MAYBE I would consider it be a fair price. With many new games coming out in the time frame that the content is supposed to cover WHY should I even consider it? You can NOT just say "Oh you know you can like not buy it right?" that counter argument is just dumb and shallow. I can agree that I should be expected to pay some kind of price for the quality of the content because it is apparent that the artists and devs worked hard to give this to us. Now lets look at the bigger issue here at hand. The fact that NEW players who saw this and were like "Hey I heard good things about the game I think ill pick it up." HAVE TO PAY 100+ dollars just to play the Forsaken content. Bungie is making them pay for DLCs that were the most disappointing thing ever. Once again locking out players and forcing them to fork over money. They should really reconsider the price points of all of this and allow new players to buy what they want to check out the game. If they dont they will never allow the community grow further or even recuperate what little faith this community has for Bungie.

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