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Destiny 2

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Peter Popoff wants you to mail him money старое

Quote: Honestly I dont see anything they havent pull of on the taken king...







Quote: [quote]Honestly I dont see anything they havent pull of on the taken king... what disgust me is how they really are following a marketing plan and everybody seems to not seeing it.... d1? released with flaws... 2 crappy dlcs added to improve it a bit (dark below and house of wolves).... then we had taken king (major dlc) that cotrected and made game better, finally rise of iron to keep ppl hooked. D2? Released with flaws...2 crappy dlcs to improve it a bit (curse of osiris and warmind).... then we have the forsaken.. And now also notices this: Ppl on taken king got: 3 new supers New weapon: swords Fixes to the story telling and stuff that people asked for! Biggest raid ever made (thats how they advertise it) What ppl will get on forsaken: 3 new supers New weapon: bows Fixes to the end game and stuff that people asked for! We are also working on biggest raid that we hope you will like! See what I mean? They had always been able to give us the content we want... but they are following the shady way of business like any other company that sees stock values. Dont get me wrong, like always this forsaken dlcs looks promising, heck I love the idea of bows on destiny... but ive learned my lesson, will wait till release.. stop preorder for their schemes, and wait and see what they deliver, instead of looking fordward for something that might not be that good.[/quote]

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