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6/7/2018 8:44:26 PM

Factions need to go back to how they were in D1, it would add more content than faction rallies do.

I like the seasonal specific loot assigned to the factions however I don’t like the fact that I have to try and grind out 50 ranks in a week. I think the better option for factions would be to put them back to how they were in D1. Allow players to choose a faction and get tokens for that faction and try to get to rank 50 for all 3 factions. Heres what I would like to see 1. You could give weekly faction objectives that give powerful gear. 2. All D1 emblems and faction exotics are unlocked in players collections. 3. All D1 faction shaders brought forward 4. Players can choose to change pledges once a week per account. 5. Seasonal ranks reset, accumulated faction ranks do not. 6. Renown is gone, and tokens are given at the same rate as vanguard and world tokens for lost sectors, strikes, crucible, raids and etc. Tokens are given out in less major quantities but in all game activities.

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