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So, can we get an option to make machinima in D2?

[b]TO CLARIFY I DO NOT THINK THIS IS A NECESSARY FEATURE, JUST SOMETHING NICE TO HAVE.[/b] A "machinima" is basically a movie made in the game by using certain features (or glitches) to hide the HUD and any objects that would cover the screen (I.E A gun) and using the player(s) as actors In destiny 2 the only feature we have close to this is hiding the HUD, sure you can lower weapons by idling for a few minuets, but it is still visible on the screen, There where glitches in D1 (And a glitch at the start of D2) that allowed you to completely hide your weapons, such as using a sword to hide the gun ( video explaining it) there was also a glitch involving DIM that got patched because reasons. So, bungie, once you have done all the important updates and stuff, could we get the option to hide our gun aswell as HUD? or if you are feeling extra nice, a machinima mode? which allows you to go into a private world (Where drops and progression is disabled) and spawn and control enemies/guardians solo or with friends, with the ability to control the camera separately from your guardian. Like i said this isn't a necessary feature (as only a few people will probably use it) and should come after the important updates if you do consider it.

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