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Изменено (pokemonstamasta): 6/3/2018 1:05:16 AM

Fated gave me a repeat.

I went to cash in my fated engram today and it gave me a fighting lion. I had one in ny invertory at the time if selecting it and I know I'm still missing at least 3 exotic pieces for various characters. My titan may have completed his collection, and thats who I cashed it on. But I remember it giving me warlock pieces on my titan before? Did I miss something or is this broke? Super lame I just wasted 100 shards for a weapon I already had and dont particularly like. Edit: So, I don't have armamentarium. Why did I get fighting lion? Edit 2: My app updated and the chest piece was in my collection. I don't remember getting it, but I'm gonna blame it on my own update settings on my phone.

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