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Изменено (FieryLion1): 6/1/2018 4:54:49 AM

Future War Cult

I have some questions and concers, When is FWC Going to get awesome clothes, with some beautiful colors? When is Future War Cult Going to get some new clothes, instead of the same-old clothes with just a darker violet? Sounds dum, I have been a Future War Cult Loyalist Since Forever and this really offends me. The New Flags look awesome, escept Future War Cult’s is Ugly, its the same style as it has always been, the only difference is the tone of the colors. And why can’t the Exotic Ornaments be for every Faction? I Main a Titan, and now I can’t get an Exotic Titan Chest Piece because it will be behind New Monarchy, which I dont feel represented by. Future War Cult has so much potential and it keeps been ruined because everyone at Bungie is a “Dead Orbit Fan because of the Shaders” Lmao, if Bungie never liked FWC, Then why added it to the game in the first place? Future War Cult deserves better clothes, better colors(not shaders because nobody even uses shaders this days thanks to the stuped shader-farming Luke Smith invented idk what for, the old shader system was pretty good), deserves better weapons, deserves better flag representation in the tower when we spawn, deserves better tones of violet, yellow and white, at the end, thanks allot Bungie and Everyone who works there for making me frustrated because I like FWC and you just like spoiling Dead Orbit and New Monarchy.

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