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Изменено (jet100a): 5/29/2018 9:11:58 PM

Level caps cause stagnation for players

I believe that we should uncap player levels and create some reward system for those who gain enough experience to level up again. Many other games like Diablo 3 and Borderlands 2 uncap levels and make it harder and harder to increase the players level and they provide bonuses for increasing level. Maybe an increase in level could allow a player to put a point into a stat like resilience or something and you guys could uncap it. You could even allow players to put points into more stats like general damage or firerate for all weapons. It could be balanced to keep the game difficult but give players something to do while they wait for more content. To keep it balanced you could make each point and level to give diminishing returns. These extra levels would be turned off for PvP. Its been done correctly in many other games and can be done correctly here. The devs at the end of the day are just utilizing an engine that is incapable of allowing them to generate content rapidly enough and it just sucks. I suggested a means to numerically or visually "maybe auras or something" allow some variance to be earned between players. There are in fact better ways of creating dynamic content, Wildstar and other games have taken the ideas of randomly giving bosses and enemies abilities from a pool of say, a 100, and have used this to stay fresh and fun long after release. Something similar could be done here, but it won't, and so my idea is more of a band aid. I'm hoping a dev sees this post and applies it to the game so no, I won't know everything about balance or how to make it work perfectly, I just want you guys to either agree or disagree with a post explaining why. If this gets enough attention, hopefully a system will be added to the game otherwise we are all just yelling at each other in an echo chamber. We provide ideas, not specifics...devs make those ideas work. I'm also writing this here because I've been asked questions I've already answered or could be easily answered if you thought about the question for a bit longer. TL;DR, DEATH TO THE NOT-UNREAL ENGINE!!!!!!!

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