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The Engine of Destiny

[Sorry for the long post] Here is a piece of an extense article from Jason Schreier from Kotaku about the troubled development that was the first Destiny, this part of the article talks about the Engine made for the game (wich I strongly believe is the biggest problem of this franchise): "People who worked on this project say that one of Bungie’s fundamental issues over the past few years has been the game’s engine, which the studio built from scratch alongside Destiny. Four sources pointed to Destiny’s technology—the tools they use to design levels, render graphics, and create content—as an inhibiting factor in the game’s development. “Let’s say a designer wants to go in and move a resource node two inches,” said one person familiar with the engine. “They go into the editor. First they have to load their map overnight. It takes eight hours to input their map overnight. They get [into the office] in the morning. If their importer didn’t fail, they open the map. It takes about 20 minutes to open. They go in and they move that node two feet. And then they’d do a 15-20 minute compile. Just to do a half-second change.” People who have worked with Destiny’s tech say the company is capable of powering incredible things behind the scenes, like player matchmaking. It’s also clear that Destiny is one of the best-looking video games ever made. But as a tool-set for designers, sources say, Destiny’s engine is subpar, and creating new maps and missions at Bungie can be grueling for developers." The link: This article was written three years ago. Recently Jason Schreier spoke about other polemics that people inside Bungie was complaining they can't handle create so much content in so little amount of time because the game it's too complex (wich is fair considering the info above) and this is why they suggested the creation of Eververse and Activision accepted it (polemics). But I'm not here to talk about the Eververse, I'm here to talk about this Engine because I don't see much people talking about it and I really believe this is the source of all Destiny's problems, like the article pointed out! Why in the first place Bungie committed to do something that they couldn't deliver it? If the rumours are true, they're already developing D3, the main course of action it's not creating another engine or use one better? I imagine this is no easy task but, the way I see it this is the main reason why most decisions made for this game are so unpopular (wich are decisions trying to make things work with the tools you have) Look I love this franchise and I really wanna this game triumph. What do you guys think? What could be possibly made for this Engine issue? (If you believe it too this is the fundamental problem of Destiny.)

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