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Armor should be more than data free from matter

What is an engram you ask? Matter free from data! ~ Master Rahool While that is an extraordinary accomplishment - turning an engram in to something that goes boom or protects us from things that also go boom - our gear simply feels like matter and that’s about it. I am of the opinion that armor should feel like an investment. When we see / hear Bungie employees talk about armor, they have this sparkle in their eye and their speech exudes this “skies the limit” intention. But that isn’t what we have. I would like to see the mod system expanded. Meaning: additional mod slots for our armor that increase gear rarity when applied. Ever since D1 released, people have talked about upgrading armor from common > uncommon > rare > legendary. I think mods would be a great way to do this. I simply want to have some dialogue started without clouding too much of it with my ideas, but I do have some suggestion in the spoiler below (warning: long winded). [spoiler]In order for this to work, mods would have to be simplified and expanded. Gear drops in the wild would simply be common drops and mods would have to be added in order to increase the gear’s rarity. Each piece of common gear could have one base stat (mobility, resistance, recovery). Mod could be simplified by simplified by having one of each type: uncommon, rare and legendary. Uncommon mod: unlocks a second stat to boost the armor and upgrades the gear to uncommon. Once applied, the user would have an option to pick from a list of options - mobility, resistance, recovery. Rare mod: unlocks a weapon mod slot and upgrades the gear to rare. Each piece of gear could have a specialty. Kick starter ideas: Helmet: increase handling of primary, secondary or heavy Chest: increase reserved ammo for primary, secondary or heavy Gauntlets: increase reload speed of primary, secondary or heavy Boots: increase mobility when ADS or reload while running. Legendary Mod: unlocks a class ability node for each piece of gear and upgrades to legendary. Kick starter ideas: Helmet: increase ability charge rates across the board or increased energy from killing minions of the dark Chest plate: increase grenade charge rates or class ability charge rate Gauntlets: increased melee speed or increased grenade throw distance or increased melee charge rate or increased reload speed on a kill (lasts 3 seconds) Boots: increased movement speed on a kill (lasts 5 seconds) or increased movement speed during super or increased movement speed while jumping Master works could be applied to each slot, increasing the benefit of the specific node or applying some other sort of boost or stat bonus. Obviously these boosts would have to be tuned or disabled for crucible. This would allow for greater player investment in to our armor and make for a legendary feel.[/spoiler]

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