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Изменено (MarlinoTK): 5/25/2018 3:47:40 PM

BUNGIE: -Please- increase patrol fireteam sizes (not just for escalation protocol)

Hello Bungie team, I feel like many of us have been asking since D1 for increased fireteam sizes in patrol mode. There isn't enough activities to enjoy with your clan or friends together. As of now you have 4v4 crucible, 6 player raid, and iron banner 6v6. This was announced to be about friendships, clans, and social activities. Being limited to so little players in a team does not reflect the alleged intent of the game. Sure we could put together a raid team if we all want to play together, but once it's over.... it's not something most people want to do throughout the week just to play with their clan. There are already randoms on patrol maps that help with public events, so why can't they be part of a larger fireteam? I would love for additional 6 player fireteam activities, weekly 6v6 (not just Iron Banner please), and increased team sizes for patrol. Let us enjoy the game with our friends, I have many people who will not take the game seriously until 6v6 is back as a regular thing as well. Overall I think you're doing a much better job, and I enjoyed this last DLC much more than Osiris. Thanks.

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