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5/19/2018 12:30:02 PM
[quote]I've been playing mostly on Mars these days and I have to say it's really good and all, but( in my opinion) it misses (as all patrol destinations in D2) that something more that makes it truly a memorable experience. What I'm talking about is that while I really like the grind and the search for well hidden items around the map, the game still misses somewhat of that discovery/exploration feel that was achieved with the Dreadnought back in TTK or can be experienced playing games such as The Witcher, the Elder Scrolls series or Horizon Zero Dawn (they're completely different games, I know, but I'm talking about how they manage to bring in that "feel", not about mechanics or map size). I think we really are almost there: exploring places such as the New Pacific Arcology on Titan (I still remember the first time I stepped into its halls with the same intensity of my first dive into the Piramydion or facing Oryx at the end of the King's Fall raid), the caves beneath Nexus or the BrayTech labs and the glaciers on Mars (all non-public areas in the patrol destinations in general) really is interesting and fun and gives me a feel of all the potential of the Destiny universe, but once I've walked down every tunnel, passageway and room these places feel... empty. Once you've done it all there's really no good reason to go back one more time with your fireteam to see what happens, because you already know that the answer is: nothing. So here are a few very simple ideas that I think would keep those places interesting to explore in depth alone or with friends: Let's start with the ovious [b]collectibles[/b]. Yeah they're already there on Mars and I'm sure Bungie is probably going to add them to the other planets too with the September DLC, but still it is good to write down every point. In my opinion collectibles alone aren't enough tho since there will be videos all over the YouTube within a week for every single piece and many players will simply follow the guides, go in, go out and that's it. There needs to be something more. Another thing that would make it really fun to go explore places beyond the patrol zones would be [b]heroic encounters[/b]. More or less like the high value targets placed around the patrol areas I think it would be really good if even-higher-power enemies had random and not-marked spawn points around the non-public areas in patrol destinations. Encountering a heroic-level ogre while walking around the Titan Arcology, a huge minotaur deep below Nexus or a powerful taken hidden in a cave on Io alone or with a 3 guardians fireteam would make for epic fights (or runs) and add depth to these locations. Bonus points if every one of these bad guys had his own entry in the new "grimoire" (is it that "records" in the roadmap?), if some were [i]really[/i] powerful and/or if some could be spawned by triggering an item or solving a little puzzle. Then there's this little thing I've seen back in the TTK days, a location that had nothing really special in itself but a lot of people I played with would go back and see again and again just because of it: the Asylum. Let's call such places [b]hidden locations[/b] here: places that don't really have any use exept being tricky to find or to open (and maybe hide heroic encounters behind their doors?) and give players a reason to go back there just because it's fun to do. [b]New spaces[/b] might also be a good addition to the game. In order to avoid making these areas into labyrinths and keep people wondering about what's down there these spaces might open/close at random or on a daily/weekly/seasonal rotation (the last one might be the best option for greater spaces of this kind). Last but not least there's something we already konw Bungie is really good at and we already have in some measure: [b]panoramic spaces[/b]. Destiny is filled with awesome looking locations, but there's some lack in places especially designed to give players the best views. A good example is seen in the Utopia mission on Titan (again!) with that truly awesome view of the Acrology's internal dome, its forests and abandoned highways crossing it. It makes you really wonder what's down there. I think that there would be a lot of players that would enjoy going to such locations every now and again. The way I figure the result of this mix would be something like: a group of 3 guardians starting from orbit, going down to a patrol destination to do Flashpoint or some other challange and then maybe do a patrol that leads into one such area and then go on like "since we're here..." and go search for some collectibles, hunt for a heroic encounter or two and go open that hidden door that leads to that cool place before going back to orbit. It would both add something to the game experience and to the depth/lore/feel of the patrol destinations. This is all a big "in my opinion" post of course. Good hunting.[/quote] I feel you have hit the nail on the head, well done in creating this post hope bungie agrees and contacts you to help develop ideas 👍👍

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