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Изменено (k33puh): 5/19/2018 2:40:52 AM

Error Code: Guitar loading into final flawless match

Our fireteam received error code: guitar while loading into our final match of our 6-0 ticket. This counted as a loss for us and after spending over an hour and a half patiently playing, sweating our way to the top, Bungie issued our team error code: guitar while zoning into the match. This was utterly unfair and disheartening—our objective was to play against our last set of opponents but we were literally cheated out of our ticket for non-legitimate reasons. Why would I want to continue to put so much effort into something that could literally just be ripped from my reach? It would fine if this was a legitimate team; however it wasn't. We were cheated by Bungie. Researching error code guitar says that these network errors are automatically reported and tracked. The ticket occurred between 9-9:45 EST and consisted of Koopacabra#1888, Godly#11160, Evan#13482 and Waterkitten#11477. Please fix this by registering our ticket as a win and providing us with the flawless loot options. Thank you for looking into the matter and working on behalf of your customers. Sincerely, Koopacabra

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