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Long answer [spoiler]Ever since the Hive were created after making the pact with the Worm Gods, all Hive start out as gender-neutral larvae. The larvae then become also-gender-neutral Thralls. Afterwards their gender is somehow decided or created or something. Males become Acolytes, then Knights, and the Knights grow and increase in power until they become gods themselves. Nokris was an exception to this rule as he became a Necromancer (male Wizard) by experimenting with resurrecting the dead, which was why he became a heretic. Thralls that become females become Wizards, who also ascend to goddess-hood at some point. The Taken King was an exception to THAT rule because he started out as a female named Aurash, who evolved into a male/female hybrid named Auryx, then became the male Knight known as Oryx today. However, Wizards can -blam!- with the Thrall’s natural growth. The most common way is to turn them into Ogres. Another way is what Savathûn did to Malok; enlarging him, but still gifting him intelligence. He’s classified as an “Acolyte/Thrall/Ogre triple hybrid.”[/spoiler] Tl;dr [spoiler]Yes, Crota started as a larvae and then a Thrall. Crazy, I know.[/spoiler]

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