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Изменено (Jiggernought): 5/14/2018 11:25:46 AM

Fire Team Sizes

Yo, I like that opt-in world voice chat


Nah, I’m good just talking to my 2 buds and that’s it when I’m farming EP


I’d love to see fire team sizes and instances fleshed out more. Or at least communication within these instances. Currently the way the servers fill and migrate feel disjointed to me. To leave from area to area and always be re-instanced is my first area of feed back. I understand loading a new instance when traveling mitigates the small server pool for the area, so theoretically, you should have someone there with you doing stuff, but with an activity like Escalation Protocol it feels like a hindrance. Which leads me to I guess the larger topic: In game communication. I believe that Destiny is suffering a forced mutedness when it comes to the social tools. Yes, we have emotes (and a new emote selector, which baffles me it’s taken this long, but I’m loving it. Needed since D1 launch), (broken and useless) text chat (that no one uses), and fire team voice chats (for only the 3 players in the FT). I think, however, that we need an opt-in world chat experience. Not just an opt-in speaking, but an opt-in hearing. This option would cancel the concerns of those that abuse his feature, but also benefit those who’d use it. I WANT to do 9 man Escalation rounds. I WANT to be able to talk to the other teams on Mars with me, make strategies, shoot shit. I don’t know if this is in the works or not, but god damn I think this game needs it. Second only to in game LFG board in the Tower. Now if they want to up patrol sizes, too, that’d be nice! 3 mans aren’t bad though, and it fits the lore. But so would 6... 🤔 Is this something you people on the forums could get behind? Let’s let bungie know, if that’s the case.

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