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Изменено (Tony): 5/5/2018 8:29:11 PM


Welcome to The Slick Kids - We're a fast growing clan/community looking for active members that are willing to put the time and effort into Destiny 2. This clan has you covered for your weekly clan enrgrams, Nightfalls, Raids, Trials etc.. We do have Clan Raid Weekends if you're not available to do them during the week. We're looking into getting special raid events (Example: Team Raid Runs - First team to complete a raid in a certain amount of time.) We have alot of ideas that are to come later down the road but we need your help on becoming a member of this community/clan. If you're looking to join just to be apart of us, you're welcome to join the discord. If you want to become a member of The Slick Kids please read " How to join?" and we'll get you in. Clan Perks: ▪️ We have a weekly cleaning cycle of inactive people who aren't active for 7 days.. They're kicked from the clan and given an in-active role in the discord.. You still have the ability to join once you become active again. ▪️ Special roles for certain clan event's. ⚠️ Clan Update! ⚠️ ***[i][b]The Slick Kids is also trying to build up a Destiny 2 Community to where players can join the discord if they're looking for others players to complete stuff with instead of having to LFG.[/b][/i]*** ⚠️ ⚠️ Recruitment Status: [u][b][i]OPEN[/i][/b][/u] ⚠️ [i][b]Clan Rules:[/b][/i] ▪️ [b][i]MUST[/i][/b] have a mic. ▪️ [i][b]MUST[/b][/i] have/joined the clan Discord. [u][i][b]Season Completions:[/b][/i][/u] ▪️ [u][i]Season One[/i][/u] // [i][b]Level 6 - Finished[/b][/i] ✔️ ▪️ [u][i]Season Two[/i][/u] // [i][b]Level 6 - Finished[/b][/i] ✔️ How do I join? ✔️ 1. Up vote this post.(Click on the up arrow in the top left corner of this post, next to my name) ✔️ 2. Join our discord here: [u][i][b](Note: Please make sure your discord name is similar to your Battletag.)[/b][/i][/u] ✔️ 3. Post an application in the #Clan-Recruitment-Request section in Discord saying you would like to join the clan, And they will notify me(Tony) that you would like to join and depending on if there are spots open, I will either invite you or put you on the waiting list if we're at our cap.[/b] [i][b]Check to see if we're at our cap here: ✔️ 4. That's about it.. Thank you for joinning us! Welcome to The Slick Kids, Thanks for joining us. 👍🏼

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