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[PC-RP-PVX] The Iron Circle Gaming Community

The Iron Circle is a PC Gaming and Tabletop Role-playing guild focused on creating a community of mature, intelligent, funny and down to earth folks who are more interested in camaraderie over strict progression. We want the Iron Circle to be a place for adults that can enjoy socializing with friends as much as they enjoy playing the games themselves. Though we are NOT a hardcore group of gamers, we do expect our membership to hone their skills and to make sure that they're able to pull their weight. No matter which branch you choose to join - We expect you to try. We might not be playing for the top position, but we certainly aren't aiming to be last. The IC tabletop branch is a dedicated role-playing group that offers engaging, character-driven storytelling and plot line built around maintaining continuity. We strive to maintain a mature and nurturing environment that can help new role-players learn and experienced role-players continue developing their characters. We've built a guild environment that is kind to casual players who may have busy schedules outside of the game, but desire to be a part of an immersive role-playing experience or to compete at a higher level in one of our PC gaming branches and are seeking a social environment to be a part of. We are just now jumping into Destiny with the $12.00 price tag, so any new players are more than welcome to join our gaming community. We're looking forward to a number of upcoming game releases besides the latest DLC content for Destiny 2. Bless Online, Crowfall, Ashes of Creation, and other major upcoming MMOs are all games we'll be playing. Join up today and become a part of something new. Our website: [url]Http://[/url] Our Discord:

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