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5/2/2018 6:41:19 PM

Bouncy grenades need more consistency

i.e. The grenades that you throw, which bounce a short distance after hitting a surface and then explode: incendiary, flashbang, and supression. These grenades have always been incredibly inconsistent to use, even since the beginning of D1. Sometimes you throw them and they hit the floor and bounce to the moon, doing nothing. Other times, you throw them and they stop dead on the ground, doing nothing. It is way too difficult to use these grenades consistently. The bounce is just too unpredictable. And at least with flashbang and supression, you get a useful secondary effect out of them, even if they don't do that much damage. But the only point of incendiary grenade is to damage, and this inconsistency makes it real hard to accomplish that. I remember way back in 2009, Bungie had to patch Halo 3: ODST to make frag grenades bounce predictably when thrown up stairs. Why is this still a problem 9 years later? I should not have to stop, mid gunfight to consider whether the surface I'm about to throw my grenade at is sand or cement. It should just WORK.

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