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4/12/2018 2:00:04 AM

"Bungie is listening" - Suggestions and discussion

I am happy to see that "Bungie is listening" and I hope this thread is seen. While many Guardians are writing suggestions where Bungie can see, others are not. From the chats that I've had with clans and random fireteams there are a few things that come up. Personally I have suggested full randomisation in drops, to things that are extreme and stupid, like a rocketlauncher with firefly, to overpowered drops like an auto sniper. The big one though is the infinite forrest. The infinite dungeon crawler would be a beautiful fit for this, an endless grind that could steadily increase light level and allow for a steadfast way of progression with trap rooms, puzzle rooms, ad rooms, miniboss rooms, and boss rooms. They could reuse the end rooms from the strikes and have each room "opened" by an Osiris echo. Because grinding is fun, right? Let me know what you guys think and what other suggestions you have, because why not?

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