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Изменено (qboneus): 3/30/2018 11:31:46 PM
I know at this point everybody is probably way past the point of caring anymore, but I decided to pick Destiny 2 back up because of their "big update". They claimed to be fixing things for the better and taking community feedback, and while they can make the game a bit more fast paced, can they work on their littler issues too? Obviously not. After all this time away from this game, I went back to test three of coins again, and big surprise, they still don't work. I equipped one just to see, which by common knowledge lasts 4 hours, and within the whole time of doing public events, strikes, etc. nothing at all. The whole time I was farming and getting zero results I was thinking about how much I was missing out on by popping that 3oc. Bungie claims that they are working properly with a 50% chance increase, but in reality they're just doing the opposite of what they're supposed to and cancelling out any drops at all. You know what's funny? I counted down my timer to the exact minute of my booster ending, did a single public event, and got an exotic right away. If that isn't proof enough combined with other people's stories of the same exact thing, I don't know what is. To think about all the time I wasted, all the shards I wasted on them, and all the exotics I could have been getting? But didn't? Its depressing and unfair. Just because your items are misleading? Take them out of the game or simply fix them. If you're a big game company and something is malfunctioning it's your job to go in and set things straight. But what are you doing? Sitting back with your dicks out not caring while all these problems spill over. I wanted to play Destiny 2 again after a break and realize that it deserved another chance, but I was yet again disappointed. Such a "step forward" for the combat system, but no easy fix that should've happened long ago for an item that should increase discovery but is actually decreasing it? You guys need to prioritize, you can't put out 3 of coins, and start working on other stuff while they are still bugged. How hard is it to change some percentage numbers versus crank out a new dlc? You guys are professionals at this, you nailed the original Destiny and proved to us that you're capable. What's happening now?

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