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Изменено (Hush-kun): 3/26/2018 2:40:26 PM

Dead Orbit created VEIST Foundry????

Dead Orbit has some fascinating story elements hiding under the surface if we dig a little deeper than initial glance. Why is it that their entire arsenal is only comprised of "golden age" weapons and Veist weapons? +++ "Golden Age" weapons, clearly themed to be reused weapons from before the Collapse. Designs resemble much of our current-day weaponry. Only Devrim and Hawthorne surviving in the EDZ drops "Golden Age" weapons other than the Gunsmith and DO. Is Dead Orbit only able to procure these ancient weapons after being abandoned by the other foundries? +++ VEIST weapons, a new foundry in Destiny 2. Designs are violent in appeal and sinister in function with attached blades and silencers, echoing stealth and assassination. Names include homages to scorpion stings, spider bites, and other venomous things. Other than occasional prototypes from the Gunsmith, only Asher Mir in the far reaches of our solar system has access to this foundry... aside from Arach Jalaal with Dead Orbit. They appear to have the entire VEIST arsenal exclusively under their control. Does VEIST simply sponsor Dead Orbit alone or is it more than that? Did Dead Orbit create VEIST after being abandoned by the other foundries following the Red War? It seems Dead Orbit has been left high and dry after the Red Legion's attack on the tower. They no longer have access to Omolon, Hakke, Suros, or the "New Tower" weapons that every other faction has access to. In Destiny 1, they sported weapons from every arsenal equally. It seems that things have changed. What do you think? Do you think factions should control their own weapon foundry to make faction choice more pivotal in the game?

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