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Destiny 2

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Изменено (DrakojanGuardian): 3/18/2018 7:45:34 PM

Bungie's vision of Destiny 2

Destiny 2 was planned from the start to be like this. Keeping out a lot of things we already had in D1 was all part of the plan. Bungie was very much aware that the hardcore dedicated community would not be happy.... Bungie's plan was to create a game that is more suited for casuals. The goal was to make D2 have the "right amount of content" for a casual player. That means enough content so that someone who puts in a few hours a week could still get through the content before the next DLC. D1 after TtK became too intimidating for casual players, especially new players. While many new players joined for Ttk, and later for RoI, Bungie saw that majority of these new players quit soon after. Towards the end of Year 2, and Year 3, Destiny player base consisted of practically only the dedicated fans. General life lesson: Letting people (This case Bungie) know you have strong feelings for them (or their work) can lead to you getting taken (by Oryx :3....) advantage of..... Yep..... That's what we get for showing Bungie how much we love Destiny. We stuck around after TtK even long after casuals quit. Did it again for RoI....To some degree, we are at fault for Destiny 2. We showed Bungie that we will stick around for an entire year (twice) without DLCs or proper content updates. And truth is many of us will..... To top things of, we all pre-ordered D2, probably expansion pass too.... I mean who could have seen this let down coming? Quitting D2 after spending $100 on it will only be a joke on us. Bungie doesn't really care if we quit at this point. Why? They have our money lol. We already paid upfront for all of Year 1.... You're thinking, "Well, they don't have our money for the Fall Expansion. So joke's going to be on Bungie when most of us don't come back." Hahaha!!! This is where shit gets real. Call it Bungie's "Plan C" (See what I did there?)(I'll leave after I'm done) Bungie's hopes were to make Destiny 2 super casual friendly, so to not intimidate them with too much, especially grinding. This plan was meant (maybe still is) to keep casuals coming back for paid DLCs. From this pattern, Bungie has every intention to release paid DLCs every year (Unlike D1). Starting fresh, just makes that easier. Keeping out things we had in D1 helps with that goal even more. They will reuse D1 content as filler, as reusing exotics is less work then creating new ones from scratch. Thus, more time to create "new" content for future DLCs. Now, what about convincing us to come back? Well....Bungie's listening. They really are. You may say they aren't. It sure as hell looks like they aren't. The next few updates are too weak to seriously bring back players. But why should they try to get us to come back right now? Many of us will be back for DLC2, as we've already bought it. Why isn't Bungie trying to make big changes in DLC2? Again, most of us have already bought it. You see the pattern? No-one has pre-ordered the Fall Expansion.... Gasp! So that means Bungie will have to actually convince people to come back..... and pay $40. At this rate giving Bungie $40 is laughable. Game is broken..... but nothing would sound more convincing than "With this expansion comes a new story, new this and that, and many, many things the community loved in D1."..... Sold! Take my money. Why release changes we want (and need) for free? Especially if months later they'll have to convince you to throw $40 at them? Keep all the good updates for Fall and you have that many more reasons to come back. On the plus side, the Fall Expansion is very much expected to have more content than the equivalent TtK. Ohh and guess what the Infinite Forest could be used for if they need some extra content for us? D1 content like raids.... won't break lore if you're going back in time...... It's crazy how well some companies are at manipulating. Bungie is turned really greedy, but they definitely aren't stupid. Here's a real tip, don't preorder months in advance. Pre-order a week before release, and you'll still get pre-order bonuses. Pre-order months in advance and you might as well just bend over right now. How might it help? Well, seeing huge sales of Expansions before it's even out allows them to hold out on some content (Basically a backup). Bungie will try to give the Fall Expansion just enough content and reason to get most players back. Trailers will showcase some of the things that are guaranteed to be in game. Devs will talk about the many changes we've been asking for. However if sales were to be down far from their predictions, they'll up the game by exposing more things.... The more they expose, the less they can withhold from the game...... With D2 the way it is, players will have much less trust to preorder the next Season Pass. With that possibility, the more content they withhold, the more "back up" content they'll have to make DLCs more appealing. Some call it a cheap tactic, I call it taking advantage of people's stupidity. Is it really stupid to preorder games? Umm yes..... Look at the amount D2 made on preorders. Now look at how many people hate it and regret buying it...... I don't think anyone can say paying for something, with no possible refund, without fully knowing what they're getting is ever smart.

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