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Изменено (Ashekeilla): 3/14/2018 8:09:29 AM

exotics decode almost exclusively as guantlets on hunter

i believe that there is a "fix" for duplicate exotics pending at some point in the future, but when i look back over the last 3+ weeks of my play, i realized how bad it currently is. i play a hunter, & while i don't play as much now as i used to, i usually get 1-3 exotic engrams each day that i play. as best as i can recall, the last 25 exotics i received decoded as : 2 helmets, 1 leg armour, 1 energy weapon, 1 power weapon, 20 gauntlets. of the gauntlets, 18 of them were Shinobu's Vow, & 2 were Aeon Swift. one day in particular, i got 4 exotic engrams, & ALL of them decoded as Shinobu's Vow! i mean, really?!? unless i get an exotic to decode as chest armour or a cloak, i can't increase my current level (333) further. it's kinda frustrating when the same thing decodes over & over again. hopefully, a fix is done on this in the very near future. i think that if more of the quirky "small" glitches like this were fixed more quickly, more people might stay with this game, or they might come back. none of the people i used to play Destiny with every day are here anymore, they moved on to other games. consequently, i play Destiny less, so that i can play with them. i'm hopeful that with the next season in May that they'll come back. at least for a little while...

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