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Изменено (ThePatriot319): 3/12/2018 5:42:11 PM

Sparrow Racing

How difficult would it be to open up the boundaries on mercury and do a permanent racetrack, so to speak, or even run ship races? Let's say you do races through the rings of Saturn, or since the Main asteroid belt in our solar system is roughly 175 million miles wide.... that's an awfully big area to make room for some racing or even patrols or challenges. As you travel from Mercury to Saturn, or Titan, you have to pass through the main asteroid belt anyway. So it's not like you have to go out of your way to get there. During transit, a message could Pop up and give you an option to play. I appreciate everything you've done, Bungie! Take this for what it is, a suggestion that could be useful, if the need warrants it. Regardless, thanks for reading my post, if you've found the time!

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