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2/25/2018 8:34:07 PM

Exotic Machinegun Concept: EZ-FIRECRACKER

Power Weapon - Machine Gun Element: Kinetic RoF: Medium Handling: Low Stability: Medium Range: High Impact: High Reload Speed: Low Magazine Size: Medium Reserves: Very High Exotic Perk - Bullets are explosive rounds. Should they hit an unshielded enemy, the explosion sends shrapnel into their flesh, dealing moderate DoT that stacks up to 10 times and lasts for 5 seconds before stopping. Deals bonus damage against majors and ultras. Enemies killed with this weapon (outside of the Crucible) are far more likely to drop additional power ammo. PvP Use - Will be able to kill most guardians in ~4 shots, like the machine guns in Destiny 1. DoT won't be as noticeable here, as unshielded guardians wouldn't last very long against this weapon even if it wasn't there. PvE Use - Will be extremely effective at mowing down adds AND deals bonus damage to majors and ultras. For ultras especially, the potential DPS of the weapon will get larger with each bullet that hits the target due to the DoT it leaves behind stacking significantly. Furthermore, the increased drop rate of power ammo will be extremely helpful as the gun serves to perpetuate its usefulness.

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