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2/19/2018 9:58:42 AM

The Leviathans Gauntlet "Counterclockwise run". Mechanic or Exploit?

[b]Dear Bungie developer of the Gauntlet Encounter.[/b] Recently i had a small discussion about the Gauntlet encounter how to solve it in the fastest way possible without using Glitches or Exploits. While we where talking about it i told him we will surely get a good closure about this matter from bungie. So i will ask for him, and myself. He thought asking would be totally unnecessary because the developer of the Gauntlet encounter didnt changed / fixed its functionality / mechanic in a way, that all people are doing it in the same mechanic as most people believe is the right mechanic bungie intended. Now to the Mechanic itself: Most people play it in the way where the runner person is bringing the Ball-Item to the center room of the map. To get there they run clockwise through the Gauntlet with all the obstacles and holes. Tommy mentioned you can do it also counter-clockwisefor the purpose to safe some time for the whole overall run of the raid. His reasoning is the developers didnt put an unpassable barrier in the way to prevent players doing the counterclockwise run. So i cant go into details because i dont know how to do it besides said things, and i didnt ask him to clarify this mechanic. I dont want to play by using game-mechanic breaking exploits. Which i believe here is the question about counterclockwise running in the gauntlet. [b]The Question on table is: Is that an exploit or glitch or is it intended mechanic which few people know, but is seen as a viable way by the developers of the gauntlet encounter?[/b] The discussion is opened, feel free to make your statement. I also would like one official answer to that from bungie. This can go into a heated argument here in the forum. Theres so many people who like to glitch in games and use it to break mechanics of encounters. And i am not talking bout glitches like the ammo glitch from wardcliff, i am meaning exploits and glitches to change an intended way of doing an encounter to have it more easy. [i]Also dont forget, this can also be just a prank' from Tommy to mess me up, i cant tell that because i never saw this counterclockwise run.[/i] our best regards TheHero#2725 and TommyTheGun#2709

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