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Can We Get Rid of The Knockback Mechanic that’s on every boss?

[spoiler]*A Wild Gringo has appeared*[/spoiler] Ever since Destiny 1, almost every boss has had a kind of kickback mechanic to keep players from getting too close (either that or a ohk stomp). While this made sense for some bosses, like with the Darkblade or that one stompy boss in Shield Brothers, it gets annoying when every boss has it. It dissuades close combat, leading to certain weapons, like sidearms or swords, feeling useless in a public event, strike, or raid. Actually would like to see the % of sidearms or smgs used in strikes against other weapons. I think that is the general consensus with the community as a whole, it is just that people are talking about other issues over boss design. Thanks for reading [spoiler]And of course they don’t have to actually get rid of it. Just using it selectively and changing the mechanics based on the boss would be pleasant. Zahn would light the ground on fore but not push you back while Brackion could have a 15 second cooldown that you can bait out and then do dps. As possible examples of course.[/spoiler]

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