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2/5/2018 3:00:06 PM

Laser Tag Game Mode?

Remember that first week after Curse of Osiris dropped? The one where Prometheus Lens was OP as -blam!- and dominated in the Crucible? Well, it gives me an idea... Special Event: Laser Tag PvP Event. 6v6 Clash, but with a few major differences: 1) Trace Rifles have Infinite Ammo + Bottomless Clip. 2) Trace Rifles deal 5x their normal damage (doesn't apply to Prometheus Lens' AoE). 3) Kills are worth 10 points, 1000 points are required to win. 3) Getting more than one kill without dying increases the point value of each subsequent kill by 50% (e.g. First kill is worth 10 points, next is worth 15, next is worth 22 points, next is worth 33, etc.), with the value resetting to 10 upon player death. Main source of points will be kill streaks. A Void Exotic Trace Rifle could be introduced as part of the event. Each player gets a random Trace Rifle for free as part of the event, and all three Trace Rifles will be added to the loot pool of the Laser Tag playlist.

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