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2/2/2018 9:58:11 AM

Post-Master, Shaders, Vault space. Small things, big difference

First post on these forums. Gonna try and stick to the topic and keep to the point. These are just what I would personally like to see happen, I understand if for one reason or another, it's not feasible to implement something within the game, that's totally understandable, but with all this talk about open communication, some sort of reply or feedback would be great. First one! The Post-Master. It's not actually a bad system considering that you don't even have to go near an engram drop to have it register with the post-master, however, having to transfer lost items to my guardian before I can dismantle them is a very big inconvenience. I keep my guardian stocked up on different items and having to keep one space free in each armour and weapon section so that I can dismantle this is very annoying. An update that would allow items to be dismantled straight from the post-master without transferring them to your guardian would be very nice. Second. Shaders. Yep, the system doesn't work tbh. Shaders need to be seen as collectors items, not just a vanity mod, and much like the first game, can't be a single use thing, but still have them cost glimmer, and maybe 1-5 legendary shards to apply to an item. Having a shader collection instead of being limited to holding 50 different shaders on your guardian and then however many you can stuff into your vault would be a much better system and make for a more enjoyable experience. Finally. Vault space. Straight up, more is needed. As soon as humanly possible. 500 minimum if you ignore what I've written below. If shaders will stay as a single use item, and with mods involved, Vault space is stupidly limited. I personally would like to see dedicated vault space for each different item (kinetic weapon, energy weapon, ghost shells, sparrows, ships etc.) with a minimum of about 50 slots for each. Different pages for different items too. Not everything clumped together into one big mess because personally, the Destiny app is so much better for dealing with vault items and swapping them in and out compared to what the actual game is. Anyway, that's enough of that and if you've been bothered reading this whole thing, thanks. Any additions to anything mentioned would be great so that maybe we can get some talk going with devs about these things.

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