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Trials of the Nine Feedback

Bungie wants feedback, so here is some feedback! I think the primary problem with the new Trials format is the matchmaking. Specifically, moving away from the number-of-wins based matchmaking we had in D1. For those who missed D1, Trials matchmaking in the D1 era was based on the number of wins you had on your card. If your team had 5 wins, you played another team with 5 wins. If you lost, you still had 5 wins, but now also had 1 loss. If you entered matchmaking again, you would again face another team with 5 wins. Similarly, if you had 0 wins, you were matched with another team that had 0 wins. You progressed until you completed your card with 9 wins or had 3 losses on your card. This is in stark contrast with the current system for matchmaking for D2, in which you are randomly matched with any team currently in Trials matchmaking. The old system had two major benefits: 1) It was more accessible to new players. It gave new Trials players a good chance to compete against others at a similar skill level, as veteran Trials players would quickly move up to higher win count matchmaking. Obviously there will be some very good players just starting a new card and will have 0 wins, but these teams will quickly move up to higher win counts, thus leaving the weaker teams at the lower levels. While you still may get unlikely as a novice and face a very good team, by graduating the better teams to high win count matches, this will leave a larger percentage of weaker teams at the lower win count level. This doesn’t make Trials too easy and maintains it as an endgame activity because it only opens the door to novice players; they have a chance to play against similarly skilled players at the start, but must improve their skills in order to progress to higher win count matches. Having this accessibility will help grow the number of people participating in Trials. 2) Made Trials a true “best of the best” test, because in order to complete a 9 win card or go flawless, a team had to beat other teams with similar records; the current system allows for teams to go flawless simply by getting lucky and matching with several different novice teams. If we want Trials to be a true test of PvP greatness, nothing beats two 8 win and 0 loss teams being matched up to compete for a flawless 9-0. Thoughts and feelings D2 community? I’d love to hear your inputs on this, and maybe get some reaction from Bungie. One other non-related change I would like to see: return of the team death match with revives mode from D1. I don’t want it to replace the current version of Trials, but rather be added to the game-type rotation.

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