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1/29/2018 2:17:26 PM

Leviathan Raid - Gauntlet Glitch

Over the course of the weekend, my raid group attempted to run the Gauntlet on Leviathan (normal) something like 50+ times (unsuccessfully, albeit). We ran into the same glitch on more than a few occasions. The glitch would happen when one of the designated runners inside the gauntlet would die inside the gauntlet with the charge in hand. The other runner would complete the run and return to the center with the charge and slam it home and then the game would glitch. The next wave of enemies would never spawn, we'd never hear the gong to signal the next round, and we'd be stuck running around eventually having to wipe. Several times, after the runner who had died inside the gauntlet would be revived by a teammate, he would be able to run into the center and slam the charge as if he had never died, except he did not actually have a charge in hand and doing this did not advance the encounter. As I mentioned, this happened at least a few times, so this was not a random error but must be a glitch in the system. We tried doing several things to recover the glitch including having players leave the fireteam and return, switching weapons, killing off members of the party and reviving, stepping on pedestals, stepping off pedestals, etc. Please take a look at this, Bungie.

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