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1/28/2018 5:24:53 PM

sooo, all my characters are exo's now

I decided to make some new character's since previously I only had a warlock, had a look at the human and awoken aaaand went for the exo's again, seriously it's like they put all their customization effort into that one race because it's the only one with anything remotely intresting, humans and awoken don't have beards so I can't make a big old Daddy Titan, there's no piercing options or expanded selection of markings either :( so i just ended up making a punk rocker exo hunter and tried to make an old looking exo titan that was basically a grizzled american patriot before he died centuries ago and now is back with no idea what america even is. hopefully this is something they can improve during the taken king equivilent dlc, or at the very least destiny 3

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