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1/16/2018 5:15:41 PM

Infinite Forest Simulation Idea

This may not be a popular suggestion, but I think the infinite forest could be used as a tool to bring back d1 activities. Using the planet sized reality simulator you could litteraly add back campaign missions, strikes, and best of all raids all while referring to them as vanguard sponsored training simulations of the heroic deeds of past guardians. I know some would see it as once again recycling content, however the additional activities would make d2 go from not much endgame to more than you could do in a week. You wouldn't even have to add back the old weapons and armor due to it all being just a simulation. Just have the activities reward engrams and raid encounters drop the high light engrams and an exotic engram for raid completions. I'm also aware that boss health would need adjusting to make up for the week loadouts in d2 but I still think this feature could be very fun for those that loved those activities (VoG FtW).

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