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Изменено (EssAndEmm2013): 12/26/2017 9:00:54 PM

YouTuber Mathematically Solves Exactly How Much *TIME AND/OR MONEY* To "Max Out" Eververse

EDIT : After re-watching the video, I noticed that he actually ROUNDED DOWN on his estimates to further exaggerate how bad Eververse was. The numbers featured are actually LOWER than they should be. Seeing how high they already are, that's pretty -blam!-ing insane that in reality they are bigger. _ _ _ _ _ video is worth the watch Quick Maths : Dawning Event Max Out : 116,250 Bright Dust OR 155$ (best case scenario, you get everything you need, every single time, 100% Luck Stat) 5284$ (worst case scenario, you get duplicates and have to salvage for dust) #removeeververse

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