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[PC] [NA] Of Sherpas and Sherpees. A Clan for Guides and Those Who Need Them.

Please read the post carefully to know what the clan is about. [b]Name:[/b] Spark-3 [b]Motto:[/b] Iginite! [b]Background:[/b] (you don't have to read this) I am the clan leader and since D1, I am what people would call a Sherpa. What Sherpas do (in Destiny) is take with them new or inexperienced players and act as a guide. This is done especially for raids where a Sherpa will guide a group of first timers and explain the different mechanics and how to beat the raid. I have in the past created a clan for only Sherpas in an attempt to create a "subforum" for newbies to go for help. This worked poorly for multiple reasons, but mainly for the lack of organization, interest and notoriety at the time. Now that D2 is out and that the clan structure has been overhauled, I wanted to create a similar clan with a focus on helping new players and sharing knowledge while also including newbies in the clan. [b]Clan Philosophy:[/b] This is a clan for the inexperienced players who want to learn and for the experienced players who don't mind sharing the knowledge. We help each other out. Anyone who shares that mindset may join regardless of skill and experience. We also want everyone to be respected for who they are, meaning don't be racist, sexist etc... I do believe in common sense though, don't expect to be banned because of a simple joke. This is a mostly semi-casual PvE clan with a focus on the endgame. [b]Some Details:[/b] [u]The clan is on PC[/u]. We play on the NA server. We accept people from anywhere as long as you're willing to play in NA. Most members are between PST and EST and play in the evenings. Clan page: We use Discord for communication. [b]To join:[/b] To join the clan, leave a comment on this thread and [u]tell me why you want to join[/u]. Please understand that I'm looking for people who fit into the clan's philosophy. I don't care about who you are, but I do care about your motivations for joining. That's all folks. If you made it this far, thank you for reading. Have a nice day! -aleclev

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