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1/5/2018 7:11:53 PM

Disappearing guns?

I just cashed in 2,800 gunsmith materials and got 8 masterwork weapons out of it. I go to the postmaster to pick them up, and they're...gone? That translates to around 70 packages, most of which should have gone to the postmaster. However there were only ~15 guns at the postmaster, and not a single one of the masterworks. Where did my guns go!? I like to think I'm pretty easy to please; I don't get mad about eververse or whatever the kids are screaming about these days, but it seems to me like "when I get a gun, I get the gun" is a pretty reasonable expectation to have from a game. Can someone from Bungie please tell me what's going on and what they're doing about it? I expect my guns are gone forever, but I want to know WHY, and if it will happen again!

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