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1/3/2018 3:46:57 AM

Ps4 EndGame, Raid ready Gaurdians DoD NightWalkers

Opening up recruitment for PS4 DoD clan! CST and EST primarily. Looking for Endgame ready adults/parents who are willing to help out clan members. We gain Max clan contribution weekly and are all active players. 👍 We are a clan out of Dad's of Destiny which is a community that continues to grow. We do have a few simple requests upon acceptance but they are created to build a solid, tight knit clan. 1. Join our Band server. This will allow you and the other clan mates to be involved in general chat and lfg. 2. Lfg within the clan before reaching outside of the clan. Your clan members have a priority when running events. Help them out, let them help you. Play together. 3.Respond to in-game invites, whether you are able to join or not. This shows respect to your clan mates. 4. Stay active. We ask that you stay active with clan members and if there is going to be down time or taking a break, contact an admin to reserve your standing in the clan. 5. We ask that you keep notifications for the main page on. This way you will be updated with all polls, relevant posts and planned events. You have the ability to mute individual chat rooms, but be sure to utilize them. If you accept these terms, then welcome to DoD NightWalkers 🍻 please shoot me a message or comment on the thread if interested

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