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#Eververse Locked Mods?: Kinetic Counter-Balance Mods for Chests

So as the title suggests the extremely useful mod Kinetic counter-balance specially for the chest piece of titans is noticablely locked behind Eververse transactions. I have previously been farming for them for roughly a month or 2 or after the last faction rally. FOR ONE COPY OF THIS MOD. I had one blue version of the kinetic counter mod from a long time ago and i forgot where i got it. I was not able to get banshee to give me anymore not a single one in my month long farm for this one mod. As the title states this sounds a little weird, but i say its locked behind eververse because you can only gain the lesser blue versions of it to build them from eververse transactions. No where in my 4 weeks of farming did Banshee give me one of the lesser blues. I was then able to roll one random copy straight out legendary of the kinetic mod from Banshee with at least 4 weeks of hard grinding and im gonna be honest as hek here. I played every day after work at least around 6 hours a day to maybe 8 or more. So I played way more then i worked at my full time job. On my days off i'd do like 12 hour shifts I got alooot of mods out of all of them I only ever got the one random purple kinetic counter balance. Its an ultra rare roll out of him if i had to put a rough estimate I say in that time i probably rolled roughly 30 exotics out before i could get just one kinetic counter balance. The extremely rare nature of the legendary version is absurd to get. I needed this specific mod badly to help balance out my all Faction gear for dead orbit because their auto rifle Guiding Star. It is EXTREMELY good and in my opinion much better then Sweet Business (Exotic Minigun aka autorifle). The Guiding Star is exclusively Dead Orbit's auto-rifle. It has a clip size of 52 while having no spin up time. Its arch type is a 720 rpm on an Rapid-Fire Frame. This gives deep ammo reserves and i can usually have just over 800 rounds in reserve and 52 in the clip when full. This thing is a dps beast and shreds through everything with easy. With this mod its recoil is practically zero and you have a whole mag you can get head shots with. Its perks include High Caliber rounds and Moving Target. By far my most favorite kinetic auto rifle its only legendary too. I've wandered off topic a bit however it was some what related. I usually pair the guiding star with uriel's gift in the secondary and if im feeling extra mean for pvp I can throw on colony in my power weapon slot. However today this is like roughly the second or third time ive done transactions with eververse and BAM i look at my mods after browersing a bit of what i got and i randomly got 2 extra blue kinetic counters and i can forge a purple one. The only thing that changed was i got some packs from eververse compared to my one month farm. And in the course of 10 mins i got more then what i got playing the dam game for a month straight with an estimated play time of around 150 hrs of grinding for this mod. What the flying "duck" #Bungie

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