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Destiny 2

Общее обсуждение Destiny 2.
Изменено (WolfMarine09763): 12/27/2017 3:37:43 AM

Yes #RemoveEververse. But so they can't get it wrong lets make a list of demands.

Look. Even if Eververse goes, there is no way in hell they are going to reliably come up with things to make the game better. Despite all of Destiny 1 being a guidebook for them they failed miserably. For this post lets give them a damn guidebook. I will give a list of things that I want in the game, then add yours to the list or discuss why you do or don't want certain things. 1. Immediate change back to a focus on min-maxing armor and weapons. The current "endgame" is chasing the ships, shaders, and skins in Bright Engrams. And they have no reason to make any good looking or even good to use weapons or armor because they put all of the effort into the damned Bright Engrams. Back to rewards that effect game play as well as cosmetic appearance. 2. Old weapon system needs to come back ASAP. Before someone cries balance, think about it. Its more fun to use a shotgun/sniper/fusion 40% of the time. Admit it. Heck, a Primary, Energy, Special, Heavy system might be even better. 3. If anyone remembers how Tom Clancy's: The Division did weapon modification, lets have something like that instead of the current bare bones "put into the game so we can say we have it" we have now. 4. No more reskins, no more BS low effort content. Make. New. Assets. Make missions that require skill to complete, someone streamed beating the final boss in the Curse of Osiris campaign by pressing one button to their forehead at a time for Travelers sake. I don't care how long it takes, but I will be damned if I do the same poorly designed mission again and again. 5. Revert back to the old system of Heroic difficulty settings. 6. Revert back to the old Intellect/Discipline/Strength system. 7. Make Strikes and Story Missions available to be chosen individually on the players map, and let them pick what difficulty for that mission even if it is not a playlist. 8. Revert back to the old subclass trees from D1 with the rows upon rows of perks, we all know you still have the code for it and this game is barely different from the first. Swap it back and then add more to it. 9. Update the enemy AI. These guys are brain dead, they miss 90 percent of their shots, and running past them is the best option all of the time. Make them dangerous. 10. Make it rewarding. Strike specific loot, powerful Raid Gear, the new mod system I mentioned earlier. Shaders need to be infinite use again and available from activities. "Just cosmetic" is no longer an excuse. A real life Ferrari or Porsche with a paint job is "Just Cosmetic." You can have it rusty, or polished with coat of paint of your choice, what do you think you should get for paying for it? Make it worth it. Not barely worth not buying a damn Bright Engram. If this game comes back from the dead and does a 180, do not praise or trust them. They are not like an old friend who you can trust. They are like children incapable of learning not to steal their parents wallet from their dresser. They have to be watched constantly. If they change, they will do it because we put them in their place and firmly said "No." And to any Bungie employees reading this, I am not insulting you personally. But from the outside looking in, collectively your game studio looks like it is run by spoiled toddlers who can't learn their lesson.

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