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Over 50+ pages of Remove Eververse - Whatcha thinkin bungo?

We've heard your feedback but you know Activision


We've heard your feedback and will 'try' care


We've heard your feedback and will change... kinda


First let me say [b]YES[/b] Eververse needs to go. Second let me tell you why it pales in comparison to why destiny 2 is ACTUALLY failing. [b]My View:[/b] I'm a Destiny 1 launch player. I was there for the first event with the queen. I remember [b]THE[/b] [b]ACTUAL GRIND HELL[/b] that was destiny year one. The fact that the state of the game in destiny year 1, while then was overly grindy, had more subclass customization, gun perk customization, material farming (loot cave... ahhh),[b] MYTHOCLAST FARMING[/b], etc is the first tip off. I have no aspiration to complete the raid weekly like I did in D1. Getting the mythoclast was an experience on its own. This elusive gun, that had a minuscule drop rate, and was ACTUALLY exotic instantly gave me pride in spending 4-5 hours weekly running the vault on all three characters. D1 was no walk in the park, costing a whopping $160 total at year 3 for year 1 players. But back then it was okay because we were a loyal fan to the concept, the hopeful outlook that destiny could grow into a game filled with potential and that Bungie tang that left a ripple effect throughout the gaming industry with every halo release. We followed as each yeah the game edged further from a beta into a full-fledged game. Now arrive at Destiny 2 and you'll notice the end game has depleted to nothing, the crucible has been force molded to fit a more competitive arena style gameplay which DOES NOT fit destiny's ability driven combat (which has been slashed down to one super per game to fit this gaming archetype), the strikes offer absolutly nothing of value, [b]RAIDS/TRIALS DOES NOT GIVE THE HIGHEST VALUE IN REWARDS[/b], the story is a mess at the hands of a forced funny floating robot who devalues any serious tone in the story, etc. The list can go on and on but heres how things can change. [b]Story:[/b] Remove ghost sarcastic we can do this no matter what attitude. The jokes are corny and misplaced in almost all settings. If I am the only thing keeping 6 different alien species from devouring the traveler's light then don't pop a corny joke about the boss I'm supposed to take down. Get serious, make me feel threatened by the boss. Give me a tone that if I do not stop this from happening then civilians will die. Show me a disaster, show me Panoptes at earth's doorstep with thousands of vex portals dropping over the city as the sun goes dark. With each addition of the new story content with the speechless guardian, one-off ghost jokes, and lame character development the destiny 2 story continues to become a joke itself. Get rid of it, give [b]US[/b] a voice, and make the ghost care more about keeping the travelers light alive than anything else. Cause that's all we are right? Mindless light filled dead corpses created to protect the light that gives us life itself..... or mindless cash grabs. - LET US HAVE A VOICE (by us I mean guardians) - bring back D1's serious and threatened tone - get rid of ghost jokes - create interesting character development (Osiris did not live up to the hype at all IMO) [b]PVP:[/b] Like many have said before, [b]SPLIT THE BALANCING[/b]. It makes sense in terms of content unity but cmon it sucks. I want these exotics to feel powerful and unique but they dont shine due to horrendous balancing. Thats not even the icing with 4v4 crucible kicking 3v3 & 6v6 right out of the picture. 4v4 was okay, and can make sense ON its own in competitive. Make it ONLY competitive. You want a competitive experience? 4v4 arena style competitive there you go. AND PUT SNIPERS AND SHOTGUNS BACK INTO SECONDARY. For the love of god the current kinetic, special, and heavy system is garbage and D1's was by far superior in gameplay and making the player feel the raw power exotics and other weapons held, which in turn made us feel like badasses (Gjallarhorn effect). - Split the balancing - Make 4v4 only competitive - make the rest 6v6 - keep quickplay as a playlist but surround it with nodes for specific game modes (aka clash, control, Supremecy. Keep Competitive as a playlist) [b]RAIDS/TRIALS[/b]: Bring them back to their glory of the top activity. PvE is Raids and PvP is Trials. Both serve a player base who enjoys getting to the top level through their perspective channles of play. But dont just let the casual gamer (the games forced focused player base that consists only of rando bob) easly be the same light as me after I spent 4-5 weeks grinding your raids/trials to be top light jsut bc they did their weekly milestones. Give us those raid exotics back man!! WHERE IS THE CREATIVITY LIKE MYTHOCLAST. Legend of acrius is cool but nothing, nothing compared to mythoclast's charm. Cmon man make me strive to become legend - bring back top tier rewards for top tier gamemodes - bring back specific exotic loot only obtainable through top tier gamemodes - MAKE ME A LEGEND AGAIN [b]Conclusion[/b]: Overall, D2 is a beautiful looking pile of shit. Not that graphically and visually beauitful content is bad, it's just been over focused. The game looks beaufitul, but dosent have it's core foundations set up to make it the game it so desperately wants to be seen as. Bungo made some misteps, most notably to the fanbase Eververse, but the bigger picture still lies in plain sight guardians. D2 is fundamentally loosing all of it's players due to the state of the game being worse than D1. Players are bored and flocking away in the masses. The game is bare bones jsut like year one D1 and players are sick of it. The casual gamer approach failed, they've turned their backs on their fans and have now tried to suck them dry through Eververse. Yes eververse is messed the F up, but at the end of the day if the player base dropped from 1.2 Million in september to its current somewhere in the 10,000-15,000 range, why did they really leave? #RemoveEververse

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