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Destiny 2

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12/21/2017 4:54:34 PM

The Dawning, Buyable Edition <--------- This many people agree remove eververse

The Dawning in D1 was so great because it had so little in the way of hiding everything well behind a paywall and it added so much content that it felt worth it to play. The dawning in D2 is worse than the Festival of the Lost and how much money you had to shell out for everything in that event and this is SO MUCH WORSE. It's absolutely horrible how much you are relying on putting loot that should be generally obtainable through gameplay behind a paywall...... I hope the US outlaws loot boxes so you cant just profit off of something that should be available anyway. Even with the dawning as fun as it is with the snowball fights and cool looking armor, ships, sparrows, etc. There is so little content in the game right now even with cure of osiris out that it feels even more lacking than vanilla destiny 1 at launch. And that's INSANE. Learn your lesson bungie.

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