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12/21/2017 4:19:45 PM

The Dawning used to be fun

I mean, sure, Mayhem is fun, but back in D1 Dawning we had SRL, a record book, Strike Scoring, new bounties each week even after Dawning was done that made strikes and nightfalls worth the grind. And plus, Mayhem was a feature that was brought in with TTK, why was it still not in D2? Now the Dawning has turned into a glorified slot machine. You have very slim chances of getting the armor pieces from the Dawning Eververse Engrams, AND the armor pieces cost bright dust. I've been playing the game since launch on PC, and had I known this would happen, I would have saved ALL of my bright dust and not bought any shaders or exotic sparrows or anything with my dust. And I STILL would not have enough to buy all the armor pieces (in speculation that all cost 1,200 bright dust. Bungie... oh Bungie.... If I had known in Destiny 1 that the new Eververse store would turn into this... I would never have supported you by buying all your dlc, or maybe even D2 for that matter. These are predatory business practices. This is not how you create a fanbase that loves and appreciates the game you've given them. Bungie: You have backtracked so far in Destiny's progression as a franchise. This could've been the best thing in gaming, yet you somehow screw your fans at every turn. With every expansion and update, you are giving your player base less incentive to play this game and support you. And that includes me. I love Destiny, I want so desperately to see this game succeed. Me and my friends skipped out on classes just to watch your D2 reveal stream. We were so pumped and excited, but had we known the endgame would become this Eververse slot machine, we would never had bought this game, ON MULTIPLE PLATFORMS, too. What happened Bungie? Why are you doing this to us? We have supported you since Day 1 of Destiny 1. And yet you see reason to exploit us, instead of giving us actual, genuine reasons to keep buying your games and dlc? New content does not equal Eververse. Please Bungie: Prove us all wrong. Prove that you are a competent company that supports its player base and gives them reason to keep playing.

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